Not all summer day camps are the same…

Our day camp offers children 3 1/2 to 14 all the good old stuff that makes Holiday Hill the fun-filled summer tradition that camp was always meant to be.

Weddings & Events

Superior Quality, Unparalleled Service

Twenty-five acres of well-kept rural grounds and recreational facilities combined with our flexible options for catered and non-catered custom events.

Enjoy our facilities as your own back yard

When the campers have all gone home we have programs that let families or groups enjoy our Adventure Ropes Course, Luxury Vacation home & More!

A Community, better together.

Have Fun, Keep Active, Make Friends & Grow Strong

Each day is a world of action and adventure where kids learn important social and physical skills in an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance, and fun! 

Not all summer day camps are the same.

Become Part of the Family

Investigate our site, and see the difference that we make in the lives of our campers – from our three-generation, one-family ownership to our truly matchless staff. Before you leave here, you will understand why Summer Never Felt So Good


Old School.

Our day camp offers kids 3 1/2 to 14 all the good old stuff that makes Holiday Hill the fun-filled summer tradition that camp was always meant to be.


Big Brothers & Sisters.

Our staff: a carefully chosen, conscientiously coached and closely supervised team that makes our campers want to take their counselors home with them at the end of the day.


Learn By Doing.

Each day is a world of action and adventure. Kids learn important social and physical skills in an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance, and fun!

What Children Want

Our campers show up excited to have fun, try new things and make friends. We make it happen in an atmosphere of physical and emotional safety–what parents want.

Make it BIGGER!

We take Camp beyond the basics to provide an enriching outdoor experience in social skills, emotional growth, self-responsibility, pride, sharing and achievement.

Happy Outcomes

A quiet, sleepy ride home – and an early bedtime. A place to call their own – and to respect and love. Parent’s say it’s more than they ever, ever expected from a day camp. 

The secret of success

Holiday Hill creates a family, a community, and an extraordinary experience – every summer, every day.

The skills and values young people develop within this growth zone will help prepare them to face the challenges of growing up tomorrow while meeting their need for fun and adventure today.

What We Do

We begin with all the physical skills and challenges everyone expects at camp. Then we go beyond the obvious and emphasize the social, emotional and psychological growth of our campers with activities that create a spiral of successes.

Our superlative and totally dedicated counselors join campers in creating a true summer family in an environment rich in safety, comfort, acceptance and fun!
Each child is an important person, sharing in the democratic process of the whole group. Each day is a chance for campers to learn to appreciate each other and to appreciate our environment.
We encourage campers to take responsibility for themselves and their actions and to feel good about themselves. Every camper takes home a smile and life-long memories, plus new skills and new friendships.

Parents & Alumni Speak Out

Just like nursery schools, day care centers and then – someday – colleges, every option you consider for your child is different. So are we. And we are much more than a place for children to hang out for the summer.

He especially enjoys the variety of games and events – loves foursquare, archery, canoeing, the special day games, and the overnight. The energy of your staff is well matched, and I see increasingly a positive sense of social well-being from him each year.

patricia m.

When my mom sent me for a week in 1994 I don’t think she ever expected I’d spend my next 16 summers going back. I’m still best friends with 3 guys I met when I was 11 and Holiday Hill set me up for two different career paths. Needless to say, I would not be who I am today without camp.


Have Fun, Make Friends, Stay Active & Grow Strong.

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