Spring 2022 Update

Keeping Safe & Having Fun

We are working to adapt to unfolding conditions with regard to health and safety practices. Our efforts are underway to turn today’s reality into specific operating procedures. We will be in touch very soon as these details unfold, but we know that this summer we are:

a) Requiring full COVID vaccination of all medically eligible staff and campers and

b) Offering daily transportation to central points in many towns across Eastern Connecticut.

Adherence to the recommendations of our medical advisors and best practices developed by the camp community has enabled us to have fun while staying safe for the past two summers. This year our advisory team, the Centers for Disease Control, as well as our peer-governed accrediting body the American Camping Association have recommended that we mandate vaccination of all eligible members of our community this summer. Our Camp Physician, who has advised us on health and safety for more than 40 years strongly supports this guidance. We are not accepting any non-medical exemptions for vaccinations. 

We take our roles as leaders and role-models in public health seriously. Our core-team here at Camp believes vaccination against COVID is the path to a healthier community. We are saddened that our stance may be disagreeable to some families who have chosen or will choose not to join us this summer. We respect their decision, and do truly hope that we can find a way to common ground in the future. In the meantime, we must do what is necessary to protect our community.

Operational Details are Forthcoming…

A Letter from our Director

Let’s talk about how we DID IT in 2020

October 6, 2020
Dear friends,

We did it! After much uncertainty, myriad planning sessions, efforts, and a metric ton of cooperation and patience from our camp community, we achieved a healthy, happy, and successful summer of camp. Two thirds of Connecticut’s licensed camps and almost none of the state’s unlicensed municipal summer programs chose to accept the challenge to operate this year. We embraced it and—while not without some anxiety—emerged triumphant! We got great guidance from The American Camp Association’s outside team of health consultants, the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, and the State Health Department. Mashing up their advice with our traditions, capabilities and limitations was not easy, but we trust you will all agree, it was effective!

Thank you to all the families who kept your children home when at all suspicious of their health. Thanks to those who found out they had visited a location that found its way onto Connecticut’s list of quarantine-required states, or who realized they might have been exposed to an infected person and changed their attendance dates to wait to be sure your family—and your camp—was safe. Thank you to all the families that had good reasons not to attend this summer and agreed to roll their registrations over to next year.

We cannot thank our staff enough for their extra efforts. I marveled every morning at the smooth, efficient in-take process from the parking lot to the hand-washing trough and on up to the meeting spaces where the campers gathered with their group staff for morning conversations, counseling, and ragged-start activities until everyone had arrived. Camper-counselor interactions were stronger than ever this summer as a result of the cohorting required to keep groups separated.

And if you were picking up your camper on either of those crazy, fierce, dismissal storms—one where we had to keep everyone inside from 4:00-4:45 while parents’ cars filled every possible space in our parking area—you would have to agree that our staff’s performance bordered on heroism!

We operated right up until the last week in October to provide needed childcare and distance learning for several families. Now we are back to school and coping with the “new normal”. We hope you are all coping well remain healthy.

For our part, we are already preparing for next summer. With the experience we had this year, we can promise that we will be here for you next year! We will reach out from time to time with news and ideas. Stay tuned and stay well!

All the best,

Dudley Hamlin, Director