There is a special need for Individualized Needs programs that combine a great camp experience with expert counseling and therapeutic techniques. We have developed such a program at Holiday Hill.

The Finches Program at Holiday Hill employs strengths-based social skills groups that focus on children and teenagers with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Shyness. We employs a fun, activities-based philosophy of practice rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Since organizing this program almost a decade ago, we have found the camp to be the perfect place and season to provide social learning through developmental play with a focus on social communication, emotional regulation, and transactional support. This program helps campers work on sustaining friendships and developing resiliency—just as we do with everyone, every day at Holiday Hill.

Children in early elementary through middle school are welcome to apply. This camp-within-a-camp program features group work led by specially trained staff, along with visits to Holiday Hill’s regular camp activity areas and staff. The group participates in regular camp activities as much as possible, with accommodations as needed. The group works independently when the campers need a break from camp activities or time to process and recover from a challenging experience. Enroll by the week for any of the eight weeks offered.

The Finches at Holiday Hill will be conducted throughout the eight weeks of our regular sessions.

Enrollment requires a free, confidential pre-enrollment consultation with our staff to determine applicability for each camper. Contact the camp office at 860-423-1375 for more information.