“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” –Albert Camus

As the pandemic gains momentum everywhere, we hope this message finds you hunkered down and healthy! We all know the drill. We have to double down on practicing the prevention precautions that have kept us safe so far. Vigilance all!

We are going to follow some advice I heard earlier this week: Stay home. Give thanks—not the virus!

We will run the Manchester Thanksgiving Day Road Race—on Chaffeeville Road. We’ll cook up some comfort food—in miniature compared to feasts of seasons past. We will read, watch movies, and football. We will zoom with the folks we wish we were with. We have it all planned out. We wish you the best with your holiday game plan!


We are grateful for the relationships we have with so many in our community. We are grateful for the parents, grandparents and caregivers who have trusted us for decades to partner with them in building healthy children for future generations. We give thanks for countless counselors who have joined us “in the trenches” each summer sharing the toil, sweat, tears, and joys of creating an intentional community of care. We are thankful for the opportunity to exercise our mission to work with young people to help bring out their best, develop their grit, strengthen their resilience, and encourage their hearts.

As a nation–as a world–we are increasingly stressed and at risk in so many categories of contemporary life. Let our hope for the future be grounded in our gratitude for the blessings we can count today and pay it forward with the gratitude we can generate by helping others at large. We are all in this together!

For science-based thoughts on upping your gratitude game, listen to this podcast on Where Gratitude Gets You.

We also invite you to a short read that presents a helpful playbook for Surviving a Pandemic Winter.

With dark days ahead, literally, and figuratively, we all need a survival plan. And some smiles.

Thanks for checking in. Watch for future updates. Contact us with any questions.

We wish you all a Happy-While-Being-Safe Thanksgiving!

Dudley and Wendy Hamlin


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