Client Testimonials

Thanks! My son had a blast yesterday and came home knowing how to tie his shoe!! We have been working on that for months!!! He had all wonderful things to say about the camp counselors. He was really looking forward today...he'll have a great summer.

Carrie B.

You and your staff have been an absolute God Send for our niece during these last few weeks. The experience she's had has allowed her to have a beautiful carefree summer! We are so grateful for the love and care she has received while enjoying a wonderful summer experience at Holiday Hill.  She comes home each night, smiling, singing and sharing new stories of her new friends and experiences.  She loves your jokes!

 We are so grateful for all that you have all given to her and the tremendous impact you have had on her life now and in her future.  It is immeasurable.

Love & Blessings to you and your staff!


Penny T.

My son had another great session of camp this year. Each year I notice he becomes increasingly invested, attached and excited to be attending your camp, and believe me, of all the activities he engages in throughout the year, nothing matches the level of enthusiasm he has for Holiday Hill. Every year I ask him if he wants to return and it is always an overwhelming "yes"! He especially enjoys the variety of games and events - loves foursquare, archery, canoeing, the special day game, and the overnight. The energy of you staff is well matched, and I see increasingly a positive sense of social well-being from him each year. 

Thank you to all your staff for being a positive role model and influence giving him a sense of direction. He is already looking forward to next year, asking if he can do more sessions and expressing an interest in being a camp counselor one day when he is older. Well done!

Patricia M.

Both of my boys absolutely loved the camp. They both attended four different camps this summer and they enjoyed Holiday Hill the most. I would go as far as to say that both boys were somewhat "upset" when their sessions were over and they realized that they were not going back the following Monday.  Safe to say both will be back next year.

John R.

We just wanted to thank you for giving our kids a wonderful first exposure to camp. I can't tell you how many times we've sung "I Think You're Wonderful" in the car or heard about their trip to the "Big Swing." Their counselors--Sarah, Julianna, and Mike--were loved by both of them. Most impressive to me was the clear community that you have developed among the staff and campers that isn't always a part of the day camp experience. We loved the Camp Meeting idea and of course, the singing! So, thank you so much from one happy family.

Jen M.

My kids loved camp this year.  Every day they came home with songs and stories of making new friends.  My son grew in independence and they both cried when camp ended.  Thank you for the magic!

Jen W.

Once again Holiday Hill has put together a terrific staff and a tremendous amount of fun to fill the summer days of two very active little boys!

Bill P.

Our daughter had an amazing time at camp and has been talking about next summer ever since. As working parents, we really appreciate having the opportunity to have our child participate in such a quality summer program.

Kaitlyn P.

Thank you for the professional and caring manner in which you took care of our daughter’s “problem” on the second day of camp. She ended up having incredible fun and real growth at your camp. We’ll be signing up for next summer!

Patty T.

What a wonderful experience my son had at Holiday Hill this summer. His counselors created a fun, creative, exciting and nurturing environment. Each one must have a great sense of humor and tremendous patience to keep all those active little ones safe and happy!

John K.

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