Program Overview

Sweat. Guts. Trust. Challenge. Fun. They’re all part of the Adventure Ropes Course Program, a carefully structured series of outdoor activities designed to expand the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional resources of all participants.

The Adventure Ropes Course is an experience in group dynamics with individual growth as the strong central focus. The program is an adventure for both body and mind. While most activities do challenge physical stamina, they are usually a greater test of inner strength.

Our adventure challenge course is one of the premier ropes courses in Connecticut. It is made of ropes, combined with logs, cable, and trees to compose over a dozen “elements” or “initiatives” with names like Giant’s Ladder, Pirate’s Crossing, Mohawk Walk, and Wild Woozey. Low ropes initiatives may be only two feet off the ground; other high ropes elements are in the treetops, up to forty feet high. Some initiatives require participants to work as a team; others are tackled individually, with group members acting as supporters.

Ropes course activities employ basic technical rock climbing hardware and ropes. The instructors are certified in proper equipment use and have been trained in leadership and small-group management techniques. Participants are taught the skills necessary to fully and safely enjoy each element.

Ropes course adventures, whether on the high ropes or the low ropes, are conducted in an atmosphere of strong support designed to encourage quantum leaps in self-confidence and group accomplishment. You needn’t have the heart of a daredevil to find the course both rewarding and fun.

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