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Growing from “group” >>>>>>>>> to “TEAM”!

Cohesiveness Doesn’t Happen Automatically

It is the creative spirit that gives people functioning in groups an edge when faced with all of the challenges and changes in today’s world. People working together maintain that edge through cooperative effort.

 This requires personal initiative and responsibility, two cornerstones of a cohesive team. This cohesiveness doesn’t happen automatically, but it can be achieved through a learning process that enables a “group” of individuals to mature into a “team”–pulling together, listening to and supporting each other, and improving their performance.

We custom design unique programs for each group that visits us based on an assessment of its specific needs and goals. Our programs can transform the most disparate group into a unified team in a matter of a few hours or days and have every member loving it!

Creative Risk Taking is Coupled with Attention to Safety

Group members are physically involved, but the challenges are more mental than physical. Participants learn to think under stress, even when there is no real danger.

 Learning is heightened when a perceived risk is involved. It may be a physical risk, such as the fear of falling, or an emotional one, involving opening up in honest communication with others.

Safety is of paramount concern at all times. Challenge events are well designed, and professional safety equipment is used. Skilled facilitators work with participants every step of the way.

The entire adventure is infused with fun and humor. A good laugh at ourselves renews us and strengthens our bonds, in addition to reinforcing learning.

Vivid Outdoor Images Remain Long Afterward

To carry over a lesson into real life applications one must “own” it through experience. We present each activity as a unique situation that invites involvement. A graphic lesson in trust, learned from a fall backward into teammates’ supporting arms, is not likely to fade quickly.

Vivid outdoor images remain long afterward to be called up later at group meetings, strategy sessions, or times of personal stress–reminders of new perspectives on problem-solving and facing challenges!

Long-lasting benefits can include greater self-confidence, improved communication, motivation, teamwork and leadership; improved decision making, improved creativity and conflict resolution skills, increased productivity, commitment to the organization, and improved morale.

A Fresh Perspective is Given to Patterns of Interaction

Our challenge course takes your group to a new setting in the outdoors where a fresh perspective is given to the group and its patterns of interaction.

A series of unfamiliar tasks helps to unfreeze previous thought patterns and expectations. Traditional roles are shed as participants don comfortable outdoor garb. Each member can become receptive to new ways of thinking and doing.

Structured physical and mental challenges are introduced that cannot be solved by individuals working alone, but must be tackled by an entire group working actively together. Leadership emerges, perhaps at unexpected times and from unexpected people. Our facilitators capitalize on the group’s experience with discussion of the group’s new insights and skills gained, and how they might be applied to real problems in the classroom, community, workplace, and at home.

Participating Intensely at All Levels Seals the Learning

A holistic approach to learning includes mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Participating intensely at all of these levels seals the learning as no classroom lecture possibly can. Our challenge course training involves the whole person, assuring that the impact of the lessons is indelible.

Physical prowess and strength are not required. People of all ages and levels of fitness participate wholeheartedly. Honest efforts are recognized and successes are celebrated. The group must assess its own strengths and limitations, and bring forth each individual’s best efforts and commitment in order to meet each challenge.

That commitment becomes a bond among teammates that endures and strengthens the decision-making process when “real world” pressure is on them later. When a team member needs the support of his fellow, it is a practiced trait of wisdom and strength to ask for it.

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