Arrange a ropes course event for your group!

Careful consideration of your motivations for participating in a challenge course program is the first step!

Custom Designs

Each course is custom designed with activities and themes tailored to the character and goals of a particular group. Most courses follow a general pattern of introductory warm-up games and orientation activities, followed by concerted exercises in safety and trust building, and then a virtually limitless series of escalating challenge events.

Varied Program Lengths

Program lengths vary from brief recreational outings of as little as two hours to day-long and multiple day events spread across weeks or months and geared to specific educational, developmental or therapeutic goals.

Challenge Throughout the Year

We schedule challenge courses throughout the year, taking into account our organization’s primary commitment to our own summer youth camp, the availability of our certified staff, and any reasonably anticipated weather conditions.

Program Costs

Program costs vary depending on time spent on the course and the number of facilitators required in serving a group’s needs. Program charges are typically made up of a rental fee for use of the facilities and a facilitator fee based on the number of facilitators needed and the level of expertise required. These details are negotiable based on the goals and resources of particular organizations.


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