Holiday Hill Day Camp Season of 2020

As of October 2, Holiday Hill’s summer of 2020 came to a quiet end. We had been hosting a handful of campers since the end of August, conducting distance learning sessions, taking hikes, swimming, and having fun together. With the return to full-time school for some of our campers, we lost our critical mass and our summer came to a close. But what a summer it has been!

We took a chance on operating during these pandemic times and with a ton of planning, the hearty cooperation of our staff, our families, and our campers we pulled it off in style. Granted, a new and different style, but by all accounts, a successful and healthy experience for all.

We now, along with all of you, face the challenge of 2021. Much remains to be seen with Connecticut’s reopening and the “new normal” but based on our experience of last summer we are confident that Holiday Hill will be here for you next summer. Enrollment will open soon. Stay tuned!

For more information please Email Us or give us a call at (860) 423-1375 

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